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Our Bees Project

Bee keeping in rural Kenya is helping families lift themselves out of poverty. The honey produced can be used for personal consumption and can be sold to raise an income for the family.  

Members of IcFEM in Kenya are already sending their children to school and improving their livelihoods with just a few bee hives. We want to empower more families to be able to do this. 

How it works

1.  Bee hives are purchased for the family. They are produced in house by IcFEM meaning; not only are farmers provided with bee hives, but we are creating employment opportunities as well.  

2. Families are given the necessary training and mentoring from other local farmers to ensure they have the best chance of success.

3. A repayment plan is set up with the families to encourage them to pay a percentage back into the project once their bee hives are making a profit. This could be paid in either honey or cash and allows IcFEM to produce more bee hives for other farmers.

4.  Families are free to use their profits in anyway they see fit, this allows them to send their child to school, perform essential maintenance on their homes or simply increase their available income and become more financially independent.

How you can help

All donations will go to the continued work of this project, thank you so much for your generosity.

Buy a Bee Hive

You can invest in a beehive and witness its growth and impact in the communities of Kimilili. Whether you choose to buy a single beehive or multiple ones, we firmly believe that each beehive holds significant potential to make a positive difference.

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By making a donation towards our bee hive project, you have the incredible opportunity to support the establishment and maintenance of bee hives, providing sustainable livelihoods for local beekeepers and their families.

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