Abraham, a motorcycle rider who worked as a taxi service, had an accident while on the job. He collided head-on with another motorcycle. As a result, he injured his shoulder and was taken to the nearest hospital unconscious. First aid was administered, and he was given oral medication before being discharged once he regained consciousness.

Back at home, Abraham’s pain worsened. A neighbor recommended Dreamland Mission Hospital, but his mother hesitated because she thought it would be too expensive since it was a private hospital. However, the neighbor assured them that Dreamland Hospital is a mission hospital focused on making a positive impact in the community rather than seeking profits.

Accompanied by his mother, Abraham went to Dreamland Hospital where the orthopedic technologists requested an X-ray to assess his injury. The X-ray revealed a mid-shaft clavicle bone injury in his right shoulder, requiring immediate surgery. The surgery, which involved clavicle plating, was successful. When I visited Abraham in the ward, he was in high spirits and preparing to be discharged. His family is extremely impressed by the professionalism and prompt medical intervention provided by the staff at Dreamland Mission Hospital.

“We consider ourselves fortunate to have such exceptional medical care available right here in our community,” his mother expressed her gratitude.