When Prince was born, his parents were surprised to learn that he had sickle cell disease. They later discovered that both of them carried the trait for this condition. Growing up with sickle cell, Prince has experienced a lot of pain, which is often referred to as “pain crisis.” These episodes of pain have been overwhelming for both Prince and his parents, especially when Prince’s mother is away, as she worries about his well-being.

Prince was taken to the hospital because he was experiencing severe pain all over his body, indicating a pain crisis. The medical officer at Dreamland Hospital admitted him to manage the crisis. When I visited him in the ward, he was no longer in pain. Prince’s mother expressed her satisfaction with the quality of care her son is receiving from the hospital staff. She mentioned that they have learned a lot about the disease at Dreamland Hospital, including important tips for managing the condition and signs to watch out for. She also appreciated the readiness of the staff to assist at any time.

Once Prince completes the intravenous medication, he will be discharged from the hospital as he is currently stable.