Elizabeth arrived at the hospital with our traditional birth companions when she was in the early stages of labor. She went through labor for some time, but her cervix wasn’t dilating. After the doctor examined her, they discovered that the baby was in distress, and Elizabeth had a condition called cervical lystocia. It was necessary for her to have an emergency caesarean section. The nurses at the ward explained the situation to her, and she agreed to the procedure. She expressed her gratitude, saying, “I am happy you saved my baby’s life,” as she caught a glimpse of her newborn and smiled.

Elizabeth is very pleased with the services she has received at the hospital. She appreciates the doctors and nurses for their prompt responses when needed, the cleanliness maintained in the wards, and, above all, the daily prayers from the hospital’s chaplain. She mentioned that if she is blessed with another baby, Dreamland Mission Hospital will always be her first choice.