Carbon Capture Kenya

Trees Planted so far

Our Tree Planting Project

Trees are especially efficient at sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Planting trees is our response to climate change, but we also believe that trees offer so much to a community. This is why we are using IcFEM Kenya’s network of local units to plant trees across Western Kenya.

We do not own land and so we are inviting smallholders to plant trees on their land, some may only plant a couple, this is absolutely fine. We believe that every tree has an impact.



Where are you on your personal journey to Net Zero?

Why not engage with our tree growing project?

Since 2022 we’ve been planting trees, over 17,000 to date. They are growing rapidly, the conditions in this part of Kenya are ideal for fast growth. As they grow they take CO2 out of the atmosphere – sequester carbon.

We’re planting 20,000 more during 2024, and as our model is scalable, we hope to increase the number every year.

The income we generate from selling carbon credits will go back into the project and ensure we can keep planting and growing more trees.

So you can be net zero now

Off-set the carbon you use.

It may be a one-off – your holiday – and / or the amount of carbon you use in a year.

We all need to actually reduce our carbon footprint –  so off-setting should never be seen as an easy way out or an excuse for thoughtless actions or more carbon emissions.

A useful approach is:

Measure – Reduce – Off-Set. 

Off-setting is then undertaken within a framework of intentional carbon reduction.


There are many detailed tools to help you measure your carbon footprint – Climate Stewards (link) have a comprehensive model. As a start a simple approach could be to self-rate – a typical person in the UK uses 9.4 tons of CO2 per year. Rate yourself:

                     i.            Low 4-6 tons – probably vegan or vegetarian, no or very low car use

                   ii.            Medium 6-10 tons – EV or low car use; eats little meat & diary; no long-haul flights

                 iii.            High 10/12 plus tons



Again, there are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint – why not set yourself the challenge to reduce by 10% each year

Off Set

Off-set whatever carbon use you can’t eliminate – join our community funding tree growing in Kenya.

Your Carbon Footprint

To help you get closer to Net Zero we have put together some estimated carbon footprint figures. 

If you’d like to undertake a more personalised calculation you can either use the calculator provided by Climate Stewards, or give us a call!

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Is your church committed to Net Zero by 2030? The Church of England has this as a target.

Maybe your church wants to achieve net zero now!

Climate Stewards have a model to help churches measure their carbon footprint (link).

Even if you start by taking simple measurements of your gas / electricity usage (electricity can be ignored if you’re on a green tariff) – and then off-set that.

Off-set your carbon use here at £15 per ton – either as a one-off annual payment or monthly.

Our Model

1. Invite Local Farmers

We invite small holders from across our local units to be a part of this project. This project is open to anyone who lives in the area around an IcFEM local transformation unit.

2. Provide Training

Smallholders receive all the training necessary to ensure that they are able to take care of their trees at all stages of their lifecycle.

3. Provide Tree saplings

Tree saplings are delivered to the smallholder and a short planting demonstration is done.

4. Farmers Plant Trees

Each tree that is planted is recorded on our, specially built, mobile application. This gives us real time data on how many trees have been planted, and where they are. These trees belong to the farmers and they reap the benefits of planting them. They are able to sell the fruits and enjoy the positive impact these trees have on the local eco system. 

Once the trees have matured then they can be cut down and used for timber. The farmers will receive all the money made from selling these timber products. 

5. Trees Sequester Carbon

These trees will sequester carbon over their lifetime, through our partnership with Climate Stewards we are able to estimate just how much carbon will be taken out of the atmosphere. This estimate takes into account the survival rate of trees in the area and includes a buffer should large numbers of our trees not mature. This project has received Climate Stewards’ ‘Seal of Approval’ meaning that carbon offset through this project is verified.